Welcome to Moore Venture Partners and MVP VC Funds.

MOORE VENTURE PARTNERS™ is a firm that manages innovative venture capital funds, MVP VC Funds™, investing alongside top-tier VC funds in early and growth stage high technology and life sciences companies.

“I love the Moore Venture Partners VC Funds model that helps our top companies raise their next rounds of capital”

Mark Bowles
Mark BowlesCo-founder – ecoATM

“You have created something very special for our entrepreneurial community with the MVP VC Funds platform.”

Bruce Gresham
Bruce GreshamFounder and CEO – Events Online

“Terry is one of the few guys anywhere that could make this MVP VC Funds model work due to his strong relationships with top-tier VCs in Silicon Valley, midwest, and on the east coast.”

Joe Sullivan
Joe SullivanFormer Founder & CEO – Flextronics (now Flex)