Our Process.

We source deals from our network of trusted relationships from geographic markets that are under-served by venture capital.  We then screen companies using our proprietary systems and processes to determine investment fit by stage and sector.

After passing our due diligence – we not only want to invest, but we also help you organize your investment syndicate with top institutional venture capitalists and corporate partners. 

After investing, we continue to help you grow by adding strategic and tactical value, entrepreneurial advice, and operating expertise.   We will also help with planning your exit strategy and getting the optimal value for your company. 

“Terry and his team spent months doing due diligence before leading our Series A round that really launched our Company.”

Dr. Timothy Day
Dr. Timothy DayFounder, Chairman & CEO – Daylight Solutions

“Terry and his firm are entrepreneurial friendly and have a reputation as a “go to” fund for top performing entrepreneurs due to their ability to actually help your company grow and achieve your goals.”

Mitch Thrower
Mitch ThrowerFounder and CEO - Events.com

“MVP was very helpful in improving our investor presentation, and coaching me through the process of raising venture capital.”

Chris Hibberd
Chris HibberdCo-founder and CEO – Astute Medical

“I love the Moore Venture Partners VC Funds model that helps our top companies raise their next rounds of capital.”

Mark Bowles
Mark BowlesCo-founder – ecoATM

“I have known Terry for over 15 years.  Terry is an early investor and an advisor to mobiTV.  Terry is very hard working, intelligent, fun, and easy to get along with.  Terry is very technical, yet understands business, finance, and marketing.  He is a great person with high integrity. Terry is very proactive and has great networking skills.  Terry can reach anybody if he needs to get a hold of them.

Terry has a great network of relationships, and he can be very helpful in opening doors for you and your company.  Terry does not have many weaknesses.  Terry has provided great advice on a number of the trickier issues we’ve had to deal with over the years.  He has been extremely thorough in all things that we’ve done with him.  They do not come with any more honesty or integrity – That is one of my favorite things about him – You know you can trust Terry Moore!

Paul Scanlan
Paul ScanlanCo-Founder and President – MobiTV; Co-Founder and CEO – Legion M